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Who Are We?

The Daughters of Charity

“The main purpose for which God has called the Daughters of Charity and brought them together is to honor our Lord Jesus Christ as the source and model of all charity, serving Him corporally and spiritually in the person of the poor."
Constitutions pg. 28


We are an international group of women in the Catholic Church, who follow the gospel vision of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, giving our lives totally to God, in Community for the service of persons living in poverty in an evangelical spirit of humility, simplicity and charity.  

The Charity of Jesus Christ crucified impels us to see Jesus in every person living in poverty and to serve him in them; hence no form of poverty is foreign to a Daughter of Charity

Worldwide there are over 19,000 Daughters of Charity in some ninety-one countries in six continents.

For administrative purpose, our worldwide Community is divided into Provinces. Each Province has its own leadership team which is responsible for the administration and development of the works of the Province and for the care and well being of the members of the Community. Each Province is made up of Local communities of between 3 - 15 Sisters who work in various services in a particular area.


Daughters of Charity, Province of Nigeria

The invitation to follow the gospel vision of St. Vincent and Louise echoed in Nigeria in 1963 when three missionary Sisters (Daughters of Charity) from the Province of Great Britain came to settle in Uyo, Akwa- Ibom State at the request of Bishop Moynagh SPS, who was then, the Catholic Bishop of Calabar.

The three Sisters began their ministry by visiting the people in the neighborhood, sharing their lives and their struggles. As they did, they noticed the poverty experienced by women in the area and so engaged in the education of young girls in Secretarial studies, Home economics and Home management. That initiative is still alive in the present Adiaha Obong Girls Secondary School, Enniong-Offot, Uyo today.

On 15th March 1974 the first Nigerian girls who felt called to share in the charism of St. Vincent and St. Louise were incorporated into the group.  Since then, the Daughters of Charity have continued to grow and spread throughout Nigeria. Today, there are 150 Nigerian Daughters of Charity serving the people who are poor in 24 locations in 16 dioceses different states of the federation and beyond.

The Daughters of Charity in Nigeria became a region under the Province of Ireland on the 25th April 1976. In September 1993 it rose to the status of a Vice Province and since 1st February 2001 it has the Status of a Province. The Province of Nigeria is made up of Nigeria, Ghana and Burkina Faso.  Currently, there are 149 indigenous sisters and an Irish Sister serving the poor in 29 locations in 16 Dioceses – three dioceses in Ghana, one in Burkina Faso and 12 in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Ghana and Burkina Faso, poverty, social deprivation, administrative neglect, high unemployment, crumbling social infrastructure and services, diseases, mass ignorance etc thrive in most parts.  This situation not only explains the increasing waves of restiveness and religious crisis especially in Nigeria, it also presents a grim future for these populous African countries.  The three countries are operating democratic systems of governance and are multi religious/multi-ethnic countries with a majority of Muslims in the North and a majority of Christians in the South.  In many little ways, the Daughters of Charity live in solidarity with people who live in poverty irrespective of belief creed or religion.

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How can I support the services of the Daughters of Charity?
Specifically, this means supporting someone to be empowered – to see, to hear, to speak or walk again, to feel well in themselves both physically and spiritually, to participate in education, in the society and to earn their own living...
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