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Health Services


Health services are the largest activity of the Daughters of Charity in Nigeria. In all of the states where we are present we have at least one community that offers health services. Providing high quality, low cost health services is one of the cornerstones of our work. The aim is to bridge the gap between the formal public health services and the health needs of the people especially those in rural areas. We offer general health and medical services, but also several specialized health services.


Maternal and Child Health

We help build a stronger new generation. We offer antenatal services focused both on training and prevention. Training the mothers-to-be on how to take care of themselves and their babies is a vital part of our maternal and child care services. We also assist when the mothers give birth, and offer surgical intervention when necessary. Immunization and child welfare program help to keep the children alive and healthy.


Primary Health Care

In addition to specialize maternal/child services, we offer primary health care to the community at large. Health education remains an important aspect of our primary health care services; nevertheless, our primary health clinics treat all kinds of illnesses such as malaria or typhoid, cuts and wounds, eye problems and various general health complaints. Treating people at an early stage, and at a cost  that even the poor can afford, is crucial in preventing unnecessary deaths.


Specialized Services for People with Leprosy

Over 90% of people affected by leprosy live in developing countries where resources are scarce. In Nigeria, leprosy risks becoming a forgotten problem amongst higher profile social problems. Due to the efforts of several countries in making free treatment for leprosy available the disease has almost been eradicated with only some 4000 people getting leprosy each year. Unfortunately (ex)patients and their families still suffer from stigmatization and the effects can linger for several generations. We offer both treatment and rehabilitation services. Moreover, those who had treatment too late are often in need of special aid to improve their livelihoods.


Specialized services for people with Tuberculosis

Nigeria has the world’s 10th largest tuberculosis burden with nearly 84,263 estimated new cases annually and over 27,000 mortality rate. Both the TB detection rate (ca. 30%) and the treatment success rate (ca. 60%) are among the lowest of high-TB burden countries. The public health burden posed by TB is becoming increasingly important as the country’s HIV/AIDS epidemic unfolds; the WHO estimates that 26% of Nigeria’s TB patients are HIV-positive. Our specialized TB services are essential in a country where TB is so widespread.


Specialized HIV/AIDS services

The official HIV adult prevalence rate is 5.4% -but accurate data are hard to find, and the prevalence of HIV in children is rising. Also, the prevalence in some states is much higher than in others. Although awareness of the existence of HIV is high, behavioral change comes about too slowly and people living with HIV/AIDS are still social outcasts. We offer HIV-education programs, sensitization & anti-stigmatization programs, counselling, testing, and treatment to the growing number of people living with HIV/AIDS, Prevention of mother to child transmission during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, Anti-retroviral therapy for those infected with the HIV virus, running of  molecular biology laboratories to diagnose and monitor response to treatment, Monitoring of blood donations, Prevention and care of the diseases linked to Aids (opportunistic infections, sexually-transmitted diseases), Nutritional support for people living with HIV/Aids, Home-based care for the seriously ill.

DREAM: Bringing hope to people living with HIV/AIDS

The DREAM Centre (Drug Resource Enhancement against Aids and Malnutrition) in Kubwa Abuja FCT is the first of its kind in Nigeria and offers free services for people living with HIV/AIDS.The community of Sant’Egidio initiated this model to fight the spread of AIDS. It guarantees free access to diagnosis and treatment and uses a holistic approach, which not only focuses on HIV/AIDS but also on other factors such as malnutrition. 

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