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Social Services


For over four hundred years, we have been known globally for our social services and these services are provided in all of the locations where we are active. It is often a basis for our further activities, and as always we target the marginalized and poor. We take care of abandoned babies, young and abandoned pregnant mothers, of destitute women, of prisoners, street children, immigrants and many others who are in special need for assistance and support


Ministry to Homeless People

To various groups of homeless people and in several locations we provide drop-in centres and night shelters. We also provide clothing and meals for these people. Besides the immediate care, we also try to rehabilitate homeless people. We do this by providing literacy and self-empowerment programmes, and we help to find jobs and temporary accommodation. Our advocacy efforts hopefully help change the situation of the homeless permanently.


Street child project

Children turn to the streets for many reasons often due to the death of one or more parents, poverty, a difficult and often violent home situation, ignorance driven by tradition and culture. Many street children have been severely traumatized, either before they come to the streets, or whilst they adapt to a life of survival and poverty. Their life is made even more difficult by the street gangs who force street children into violence. Successful intervention to improve the quality of the street children’s lives is often counteracted by forces like these street gangs, or by economic problems. In our services to street children, we offer the street children, food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, empowerment and employment, and try to reconcile them back to their families.


Care for the sick and elderly

Part of our work is to visit the sick in hospitals and to visit the elderly in residential nursing homes or in their own homes. We provide spiritual support, practical care and human compassion to those who need it.


Care for mentally ill and destitute women

We find the women in the marketplace. We get them stark naked on the road dancing. Some we get in traffic jams… We take them off the streets and bring them to our centers where they are fed, loved, and sheltered. And with that, they have a fighting chance.

Our goal is to rehabilitate these women, make them self-reliant and reintegrate them into society. However, the road to recovery is more like a long, dark tunnel with only a blessed few finding light at the end. Restoring self-esteem and dignity, our keys to success, begin with washing, cleaning, and clothing each new arrival. A psychiatric doctor makes an assessment, and treatment begins. Then a daily routine from wake up to lights out, and all the meals in between is that a happy ending has not been scripted. But as long as the women are searching for light in the pitch darkness, we keep helping them.


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How can I support the services of the Daughters of Charity?
Specifically, this means supporting someone to be empowered – to see, to hear, to speak or walk again, to feel well in themselves both physically and spiritually, to participate in education, in the society and to earn their own living...
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