Care for mentally ill and destitute women.

Apostolate Type: Other

We find the women in the marketplace. We get them stark naked on the road dancing. Some we get in traffic jams. We take them off the streets and bring them to our centers where they are fed, loved, and sheltered. And with that, they have a fighting chance.

Our goal is to rehabilitate these women, make them self-reliant and reintegrate them into society. However, the road to recovery is more like a long, dark tunnel with only a blessed few finding light at the end. Restoring self-esteem and dignity, our keys to success, begin with washing, cleaning, and clothing each new arrival. A psychiatric doctor makes an assessment, and treatment begins. Then a daily routine from wake up to lights out, and all the meals in between is that a happy ending has not been scripted. But as long as the women are searching for light in the pitch darkness, we keep helping them.