Our Communities

List of Our Communities in Nigeria

Akwa-Ibom State, Ikot Ekpene.

Address: St. Louise’s Community P. O. Box 1311, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

Founded: 31/05/1983

Apostolates: Education/vocational training of the children with Hearing Impairment & Slow Learners, Audiology Centre, Home Visitation, Pastoral Ministry, Inclusive Secondary Education.

Akwa-Ibom State, Ukana Iba.

Address: St. Joseph’s Community, Ikot Ekpene. P. O. Box 429.

Founded: 14/09/1982

Apostolates: Services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and TB, Orthopaedic/General Medical Services, Vocational Training and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of persons with disabilities; advocacy for peace and justice, Production of prosthesis and orthotics; production of orthopaedic appliances; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Akwa-Ibom State, UYO Community.

Address: Adiaha Obong Community P. O. Box 341, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Founded: 01/10/1963

Apostolates: Initial Formation of Postulants; Care & Rehabilitation of Destitute & Psychiatric Persons; Prisons Services; Women development/sewing centre; Home Visitation; rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities; and Pastoral Ministry. Secondary school education, Inclusive Nursery/Primary Education.


Address: Mt. Tabor Community, Nouna

Founded: 02/02/2010

Apostolates: Education and basic nursing care to the sick in the villages. Services to the prisoners, Nutrition Centres, shelter for homeless persons/persons in migration and detention, capacity building programs for youths, men and women, food distribution and micro-enterprise or micro-loans.


Address: St. Louise' Community, Kolokunra

Founded: 05/12/2016

Apostolates: Education, Counselling, audiological services and speech therapy

Delta State, OKPANAM Community.

Address: Madonna House P. O. Box 170, Okpanam, Delta State.

Founded: 12/01/1995

Apostolates: Education of Children with Hearing and Intellectual Impairment in an Inclusive School; Vocational Training; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Delta State, UMUNEDE Community.

Address: St. Catherine’s P. O. Box 121, Umunede, Delta State.

Founded: 20/09/1981

Apostolates: On-going Formation; Retreats; Workshops; Care & Rehabilitation of Destitute Women in two Centres; Community Based Rehabilitation; Nursery/Primary Education; Home Visitation; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities; and Pastoral Ministry.

Delta State, WARRI Community.

Address: Assumption Community 8 Idiaregbe Street, Okumagba Layout, P.O. Box 137, Warri, Delta State.

Founded: 20/12/2000

Apostolates: Medical Services; HIV/AIDS program; Pastoral Ministry; Prisons Services; Advocacy; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities and Home Visitation.

Edo State, EMU Community.

Address: Mt. Tabor Community, Our Lady of the Missions C/O P.O.Box 107, Uromi.Nouna

Founded: 22/11/2009

Apostolates: Primary and Secondary education, Home visitation, Pastoral ministry, rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Edo State, OSSIOMO Community.

Address: De Paul House

Founded: 22/11/1981

Apostolates: Care/Rehabilitation of persons affected by leprosy and their dependants, Community Based Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Ophthalmic/ Orthopaedic Services; Home Visitation; Production of prosthesis and orthotics and Pastoral Ministry.

FCT Abuja , ABUJA Community.

Address: St Vincent’s Community P.O.Box 22 Kubwa.

Founded: 27/05/1996

Apostolates: Services for people living with HIV/AIDS(DREAM Project); Medical Services; Education of children with Intellectual impairment; Involvement in Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes; National Coordination of Liliane Foundation; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Ghana Province , DROBONSO Community.

Address: St. Vincent’s Community

Founded: 20/12/2000

Apostolates: General Medical Services; Women Development Projects; Home visitation, Pastoral Ministry; Community Based rehabilitation of children with disabilities, HIV/AIDS program.

Ghana Province , KONGO-LOGRE Community.

Address: Our Lady’s Community

Founded: 05/06/2003

Apostolates: Nursery and primary education, Community Based rehabilitation of children with disabilities, Home visitation, Pastoral/Vocation ministry.

Ghana Province , KUMASI Community.

Address: St. Louise’s Community Kentinkrono

Founded: 17/08/2008

Apostolates: Vocational training and rehabilitation of Street Children, Crèches for children of young street women, ministry to Young street workers, Pastoral and counselling ministry, Home visitation and advocacy.

Kano State, Marguerite Naseau Community.

Address: C/O BISHOP’S HOUSE, No 19 Race Course Road, P. O. Box 11115, Kano.

Founded: 27/09/2003

Apostolates: Medical Services; Primary Health Care in Out-reach Clinics, Child Welfare Services and Immunization Programmes; rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Pastoral Ministry and Home Visitations.

Lagos State, AGEGE Community.

Address: St. Sabina’s Community P O Box 1033, AGEGE, LAGOS.

Founded: 04/03/1990

Apostolates: General Medical Services in the Parish Clinic; HIV/AIDS; Child Welfare Services and Immunisation Programmes; Pastoral Ministry; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities, Home visitation, Counselling services, coordination of vocation ministry.

Lagos State, AGIDINGBI Community.

Address: Ozanam House

Founded: 04/03/1999

Apostolates: Care & Rehabilitation of Homeless/migrants; Pastoral Ministry. Integrated agriculture, Advocacy, care of teenage mothers.

Lagos State, Divine Mercy Community.

Address: Divine Mercy Community, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Founded: 04/03/1999

Apostolates: Health services, Agricultural and social development services.

Niger State, TUNGAN-GERO Community.

Address: St. Mary Magdalene

Founded: 21/02/2009

Apostolates: Medical care, Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Home visitation, Basic education, Nutrition program, Pastoral ministry.

Ondo State, IWARO OKA Community.

Address: "Ile Maria" P.O. Box 91, Iwaro – Oka, Ondo State.

Founded: 20/09/1988

Apostolates: Health Care Services, Care, treatment & Rehabilitation of Persons with HIV/AIDS, Leprosy & Tuberculoses; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities. Care and Rehabilitation of women who are mentality ill and destitute; Home Visitation, Advocacy; Pastoral Ministry.

Port Harcourt, De Marillac Centre Community.

Address: De Marillac Centre 92 Abel Jumbo Street, P.O. Box 15317 PORT HARCOURT, Rivers State.

Founded: November, 2013.

Apostolates: Services to Street children, pastoral ministry, Computer literacy program, Home visitation.

Rivers State, Marian Community, Bane..

Address: Marian Community, Bane P.O. Box 78, Bori Rivers State

Founded: 21/10/2009

Apostolates: Secondary education of girls; Pastoral Ministry.

Rivers State, EBUBU Community.

Address: Marian Home Community P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 26/07/2006

Apostolates: Social Works; Rehabilitation of Persons with Leprosy, Tuberculoses, Disabilities; Nutrition Programmes; Teenage Pregnant Women, Sewing Centre, Pastoral Ministry, Home visitation.

Rivers State, EEKEN Community.

Address: B?e Leka Community P. O. Box 38, Bori. Rivers State.

Founded: 08/07/2003

Apostolates: Medical Services; HIV/AIDS/TB services; Rehabilitation of persons and Pastoral Ministry.

Rivers State, ELEME Provincial House Community.

Address: St. Louise’s Provincial House, P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 15/03/1973

Apostolates: Provincial Administration, On-going formation; Retreats; Conferences; Pastoral Ministry; Visitations, Agricultural project, Welfare Services, audiology services, Social Communication and advocacy.

Rivers State, ELEME - Rosalie House Community.

Address: Rosalie Home P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 01/04/1995

Apostolates: Care, Treatment & Rehabilitation of persons with mental illness; Occupational therapy & Adult Education; Home Visitation, Pastoral Ministry.

Rivers State, ELEME - St. Louise Community.

Address: St. Louise’s Seminary P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State

Founded: 16/03/1974

Apostolates: Initial Formation and Training of Young Daughters of Charity; Visitation of the Sick & Elderly People in their Homes and Hospital; Pastoral Ministry. Rehabilitation of persons with disability, Counselling services and Spiritual Directions.