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List of Our Communities in Nigeria

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Founded: 31/05/1983

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Akwa-Ibom State, St. Joseph's Hospital, Ukana Iba.

Address: St. Josephs Hospital, Ikot Ekpene. P. O. Box 429.

Founded: 14/09/1982

Apostolates: Services to persons living with HIV/AIDS and TB, Orthopaedic/General Medical Services, Vocational Training and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) of persons with disabilities; advocacy for peace and justice, Production of prosthesis and orthotics; production of orthopaedic appliances; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Akwa-Ibom State, Providence Home .

Address: Adiaha Obong Community P. O. Box 341, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Founded: 01/10/1963

Apostolates: Initial Formation of Postulants; Care & Rehabilitation of Destitute & Psychiatric Persons; Prisons Services; Women development/sewing centre; Home Visitation; rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities; and Pastoral Ministry. Secondary school education, Inclusive Nursery/Primary Education.

BURKINA FASO, Mount Tabor Community.

Address: Mt. Tabor Community, Nouna

Founded: 02/02/2010

Apostolates: Education and basic nursing care to the sick in the villages. Services to the prisoners, Nutrition Centres, shelter for homeless persons/persons in migration and detention, capacity building programs for youths, men and women, food distribution and micro-enterprise or micro-loans.

Delta State, Madonna Community.

Address: Madonna Inclusive Education P. O. Box 170, Okpanam, Delta State.

Founded: 12/01/1995

Apostolates: Education of Children with Hearing and Intellectual Impairment in an Inclusive School; Vocational Training; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Delta State, St. Catherine's Community.

Address: St. Catherine's P. O. Box 121, Umunede, Delta State.

Founded: 20/09/1981

Apostolates: On-going Formation; Retreats; Workshops; Care & Rehabilitation of Destitute Women in two Centres; Community Based Rehabilitation; Nursery/Primary Education; Home Visitation; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities; and Pastoral Ministry.

Edo State, Our Lady of the Missions, Community.

Address: Our Lady of the Missions C/O P.O.Box 107, EMU Uromi.

Founded: 22/11/2009

Apostolates: Primary and Secondary education, Home visitation, Pastoral ministry, rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Edo State, De Paul Community.

Address: De Paul House, Ossiomo

Founded: 22/11/1981

Apostolates: Care/Rehabilitation of persons affected by leprosy and their dependants, Community Based Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Ophthalmic/ Orthopaedic Services; Home Visitation; Production of prosthesis and orthotics and Pastoral Ministry.

FCT Abuja , St Vincent's Community.

Address: St Vincent's Community P.O.Box 22 Kubwa.

Founded: 27/05/1996

Apostolates: Services for people living with HIV/AIDS(DREAM Project); Medical Services; Education of children with Intellectual impairment; Involvement in Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes; National Coordination of Liliane Foundation; Home Visitation; Pastoral Ministry.

Ghana , St. Vincent's Community.

Address: Drobonso

Founded: 20/12/2000

Apostolates: General Medical Services; Women Development Projects; Home visitation, Pastoral Ministry; Community Based rehabilitation of children with disabilities, HIV/AIDS program.

Ghana , Our Lady's Community.

Address: Logre

Founded: 05/06/2003

Apostolates: Nursery and primary education, Community Based rehabilitation of children with disabilities, Home visitation, Pastoral/Vocation ministry.

Ghana , St. Louise's Community.

Address: Kumasi, Kentinkrono

Founded: 17/08/2008

Apostolates: Vocational training and rehabilitation of Street Children, Cr�ches for children of young street women, ministry to Young street workers, Pastoral and counselling ministry, Home visitation and advocacy.

Kano State, Marguerite Naseau Community.

Address: C/O BISHOP�S HOUSE, No 19 Race Course Road, P. O. Box 11115, Kano.

Founded: 27/09/2003

Apostolates: Medical Services; Primary Health Care in Out-reach Clinics, Child Welfare Services and Immunization Programmes; rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Pastoral Ministry and Home Visitations.

Lagos State, St. Sabina's Community.

Address: St. Sabina's Hospital P O Box 1033, AGEGE, LAGOS.

Founded: 04/03/1990

Apostolates: General Medical Services in the Parish Clinic; HIV/AIDS; Child Welfare Services and Immunisation Programmes; Pastoral Ministry; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities, Home visitation, Counselling services, coordination of vocation ministry.

Lagos State, Ozanam House.

Address: Agidingbi, Lagos

Founded: 04/03/1999

Apostolates: Care & Rehabilitation of Homeless/migrants; Pastoral Ministry. Integrated agriculture, Advocacy, care of teenage mothers.

Lagos State, Divine Mercy Community.

Address: Rosalie Rendu Hospital, Renecon, Bayeku Ikorodu, Lagos.

Founded: 04/03/1999

Apostolates: Health services, Agricultural and social development services.

Niger State, St. Mary Magdalene Community.

Address: St. Mary Magdalene TUNGAN-GERO

Founded: 21/02/2009

Apostolates: Medical care, Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, Home visitation, Basic education, Nutrition program, Pastoral ministry.

Ondo State, Ile Maria Community.

Address: IWARO OKA

Founded: 20/09/1988

Apostolates: Health Care Services, Care, treatment & Rehabilitation of Persons with HIV/AIDS, Leprosy & Tuberculoses; Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities. Care and Rehabilitation of women who are mentality ill and destitute; Home Visitation, Advocacy; Pastoral Ministry.

Rivers State, Marian Home.

Address: Marian Home Ebubu P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 26/07/2006

Apostolates: Social Works; Rehabilitation of Persons with Leprosy, Tuberculoses, Disabilities; Nutrition Programmes; Teenage Pregnant Women, Sewing Centre, Pastoral Ministry, Home visitation.

Rivers State, Provincial House.

Address: St. Louise's Provincial House, P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 15/03/1973

Apostolates: Provincial Administration, On-going formation; Retreats; Conferences; Pastoral Ministry; Visitations, Agricultural project, Welfare Services, audiology services, Social Communication and advocacy.

Rivers State, Rosalie Home.

Address: Rosalie Home P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State.

Founded: 01/04/1995

Apostolates: Care, Treatment & Rehabilitation of persons with mental illness; Occupational therapy & Adult Education; Home Visitation, Pastoral Ministry.

Rivers State, St. Louise's Seminary.

Address: St. Louise's Seminary P.O BOX 123, Eleme Rivers State

Founded: 16/03/1974

Apostolates: Initial Formation and Training of Young Daughters of Charity; Visitation of the Sick & Elderly People in their Homes and Hospital; Pastoral Ministry. Rehabilitation of persons with disability, Counselling services and Spiritual Directions.