How do I become a Daughter of Charity?

Here are the steps you’ll be invited to embark on:

Enquiry Stage

Write a letter of application to the vocation directress using one of the addresses below. A favourable reply will bear a note of invitation to any of our communities.


This is a short period of getting acquainted with the community through visits and/or live-in experiences.


A period during which, having been found suitable, the candidate is sent to live in our community for six months; this is for her to know us and our way of life better.


This is a period of one and half years of living, learning and sharing in the life and work of the Sisters.

Seminary (Novitiate)

A time of deepening of faith and convictions; the Seminary Sister is initiated as a member of the community and shares in the life, spirit and service of the Daughters of Charity for two years.

Ongoing Formation

After the Seminary, the Sister is sent to a local community to continue her mission and formation. If she is found suitable, the Sister pronounces her Vows after a few years.Formation continues for life!

What does it take to join us?

  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Strong faith and life of prayer.
  • Desire to give oneself entirely to God for others.
  • Ability to live with others.
  • Love for the Poor.
  • Five (5)credits (including English and Maths) in SSCE/GCE or the equivalent.
  • Degree/diploma holders are welcome.
  • Age requirement: 18 – 25 years (WAEC/GCE); 26 – 32 (Higher qualification).

Where to find us?

In Nigeria, the Daughters of Charity live and work in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Edo, Delta, Ondo, Niger, Kano States and Abuja. As missionaries, our services also extend to Ghana and Burkina Faso.
So you may write to us through any of the following addresses:

St. Louise’s Provincial House

P.O. Box 123,

Ogale, Nchia-Eleme,

Rivers State.

"The Child"

P.O. Box 754,

Port Harcourt,

Rivers State.

St. Vincent’s,

Biaji Road, Kubwa,

P.O. Box 22,

Kubwa, Abuja.

St. Catherine’s,

P.O. Box 121,


Delta State.

Adiaha Obong,

P.O. Box 341


Akwa Ibom State.

St. Sabina’s Catholic Church,

P.O. Box 1033,


Lagos State.

Marguerite Naseau,

C/o Bishop’s House,

No. 19 Race Course Road,

P.O. Box 11115, Kano State.

Daughters of Charity,

St. Louise’s, Kentinkrono.

P.O. Box 99 KS



Filles de la Charite,

Communite Tabor,

C/o BP 22,


Burkina Faso