Specialized HIV/AIDS services

Apostolate Type: Hospital
Contact(s): 08038852461, 08138214833.

The official HIV adult prevalence rate is 5.4% -but accurate data are hard to find, and the prevalence of HIV in children is rising. Also, the prevalence in some states is much higher than in others. Although awareness of the existence of HIV is high, behavioral change comes about too slowly and people living with HIV/AIDS are still social outcasts. We offer HIV-education programs, sensitization & anti-stigmatization programs, counseling, testing, and treatment to the growing number of people living with HIV/AIDS, Prevention of mother to child transmission during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, Anti-retroviral therapy for those infected with the HIV virus, running of  molecular biology laboratories to diagnose and monitor response to treatment, Monitoring of blood donations, Prevention and care of the diseases linked to Aids (opportunistic infections, sexually-transmitted diseases), Nutritional support for people living with HIV/Aids, Home-based care for the seriously ill.