Apostolate Type: School
Contact(s): 08147187183

Teaching has been the first activity of the Daughters of Charity in Nigeria and has lost none of its importance since. Over the years, we have provided high quality education to different target groups, tailor-made to their specific needs. From teaching in regular schools we have moved on to cater for people with various disabilities; people who are even more marginalized than others.

Currently we offer the following education services:

  • Running and teaching in mainstream nursery, primary and secondary schools
  • Inclusive  schools
  • Services and schools for the hearing impaired
  • Services and schools for the intellectually impaired
  • Services and schools for people with physical disabilities

Special education does not get priority from government or even parents. In a hard society, children with disabilities are probably most stigmatized of all. Disability is still often seen as a punishment from God or as a sign of being possessed by the devil, and many disabled children are not getting any chances at all. In such an environment we do more than just teaching: we give these children a chance to survive and to have a meaningful life.