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After a week of hardwork and intensive reflection, the Provincial Assembly, successfully came to a close on 13th June, 2014. The event, which was attended by over 70 participants, was indeed a  time for re-union, communal discernment, formation and renewal. It gave participants rich opportunity to share countless experiences and to realize what God is doing  and asking of us as a Province. The Holy Spirit, source of strength and light, led us through the work of each day.

During the closing ceremony,  copies of the Mission Statement drawn from the works of the Assembly were distributed to the participants, while the Visitatrix, Sr. Gloria Aniebonam  charged all to endeavour to live out its commitments. She concluded the  commissioning ceremony by presenting a lighted candle and a plaque with the image of the Holy Spirit inscribed to each local community, calling all to allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to continue to work in each one, to enkindle something new in the entire Province.


We are diversely gifted,faith Community of Consecrated Women

committed to our personal on-going conversion,

radically given to God for the evangelization and development of persons who are poor.

We serve them with joy, renewed apostolic zeal, missionary enthusiasm, interior freedom and audacious charity, to change systems that keep people in poverty , in collaboration with others who promote justice, peace and the dignity of the human person,

following the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Founders.