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As Daughters of Charity, after a period of intense formation within the four walls of the seminary which is a period of two years you will be 'Sent on Mission',  to any local  community to serve Christ in the persons who are living in poverty, today Sr. Rita Osuere DC attained this height having completed her seminary formation.

In  Redemptoris Missio subtitled On the permanent validity of the Church's missionary mandate,  an encyclical by Pope John Paul II, he encouraged the young people  to listen to Christ's words as he says to them what he once said to Simon Peter and to Andrew at the lakeside: 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men' (Mt 4:19). May they have the courage to reply as Isaiah did: 'Here am I, Lord! I am ready! Send me!' (cf. Is 6:8) these were the same response echoed today by Sr. Rita Osuere as she was sent on mission after completing her Seminary training. Pope John Paul adds "They will have a wonderful life ahead of them, and they will know the genuine joy of proclaiming the 'Good News' to brothers and sisters whom they will lead on the way of salvation."  This is the joy we wish Sr. Rita as she sets out to begin radically to attend to the needs of her lords and masters both corporally and spiritually.


Like the apostles after Christ's Ascension, the Church must gather like we did today to pray for the Spirit and to gain strength and courage to carry out the missionary mandate." As Sr. Rita joins the work force we rejoice with her and pray for strength and courage to carry out the task ahead.

Congratulations dear Sr. Rita